Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Snow in March?

Yes, that is right...snow in March.  So strange to me.  I couldn't get a quick google answer for the last time we had snow in March, but I don't ever remember snow this late and I've lived here all my life!

Malachi woke up and came into my room to snuggle at 7:45.  I pulled him in bed with me and turned on his favorite show (I do this every morning so that he doesn't wake up his sister.  Bubs got the early riser gene from Samuel and Sis the sleep in one from me.)  For some reason, he looked out the mini-blinds and declared "it's snowing!".  He often mistakes frost for snow, but he was insistent it was real snow, so I looked myself.  Sure enough, lots of big snow flakes were falling and the grass was completely covered.  He was so excited.  I think all the commotion woke up Sapphira since she started crying and calling for me to get her out of bed (she woke up nearly 2 hours earlier than her usual...this evening should be interesting!).  We watched it fall together for a bit before it tapered off and Malachi asked to go outside.  It took me a while to put together warms outfits for them (Malachi ended up wearing my pink gloves...it doesn't snow enough here so I don't keep good track of where the kid's warm hats and gloves are!) and it had nearly all melted in the front yard, so we headed out back.  
Sadie was sooooo happy to have someone to play with!
Playing with her snowy outdoor kitchen.
This little boy is always digging!
She's always with us...even in the snow.
We saw a couple types of birds and even a squirrel ran across our fence this morning.
I was surprised by how much life there was in our backyard given it's been so cold lately.  

This is what I get for asking her to smile...goodness I love her.

Here's how picture taking goes at the Ramos house.  I asked to hug each other and smile nicely...
...first comes the cheesers...
...oh Bubba...
...not you, too, Sapphira!
Finally!  I just love them!

We didn't get to stay out too long since the snow quickly melted and mud soon developed, but long enough to get some energy out and have some fun!  Yay for an exciting morning!  Now to get ready for work!  oy :)

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Melissa @ Honeybee Vintage said...

How fun!!! You take amazing pictures;) You should be a photographer!