Monday, May 28, 2012

5.12.12--Transformers Party!

The Saturday after his actual birthday, we celebrated by having his party at one of our favorite parks with family and friends.  He chose a Bumblebee theme, so we decorated with yellow and black.  We had cake and drinks and tootsie rolls and stickers for treats.  After a bit of playing on the play structures, we all gathered together so a very impatient Malachi could open his presents. :)  While he waited for everyone, I sat down and talked with him and asked him what he was thinking about.  He said he was so excited open presents, show everyone his cake and be able to play with his new toys.  While we chatted, I was able to capture a few of the many faces of Malachi...
 ...happy Malachi...
 ...crazy Malachi...
 ...thoughtful Malachi...
 ...and thirsty Malachi! :)  I found these tiny little soda cans at the grocery store and the kids thought they were so cool.  Malachi thought it was even cooler when I told him he could have his own can.  The kids don't get soda very often, so this was an extra special treat! :)
Finally we got to the presents!  Gaga and Boppa gave him a few more Transformers and some fun Transformer knee pads.  Very exciting!
They also gave him a new digger and forklift...these are also a favorite!  GG and Grandpa GG gave him a new movie and some birthday money to spend, Anut Debbie and Uncle Rod gave him a nice pair of shorts and a Spiderman shirt (!!).
His favorite present of the year had to be this Ironman "3 in 1 Repulsor".  He has been wanting an Ironman "arm thing" so badly and was estatic to be able to have his own!  It shoots little "missles", makes super hero noises when you move your arm around and has a light on the palm of his hand that lights up and makes more noises when he does the Ironman pose.  So much fun!!!
Be sure to check out his special demonstration! :)

We got this cake at Wally World of all was soooo yummy!  Who knew they made such fun cakes?  Malachi picked it out himself and was so excited to have the characters to bring home after we ate.

We also had a special visitor!  Bumblebee himself appeared at our party! ;)  He and I hid behind a tree while he put on his costume and then I annouced our special guest and he jumped out from behind the tree.  Everyone oohed and awwed and he was so concerned that people didn't know who it really was so he pulled off his mask and yelled, "It's just me!!".  He always wants to pretend to be a character is his costume, but is always worried we don't know it is really silly.
 He displayed some awesome super hero moves...
 ...and then we sang to him.
 He tried to blow it out with his mask on with no luck!  He got it on the second try though!
With all the airbrushed paint on the frosting, we all had funny colored teeth and tongues, but Sapphira's was by far the darkest!
Even though he was incredibly hot, he insisted on playing in his costume for a while.  One little boy even walked by and said, "Hi, Bumblebee!"  Malachi thought that was pretty cool! ;)

Another great day to ahve fun celebrating this great boy!  Happy Birthday sweet's to another wonderful year!

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Melissa @ Honeybee Vintage said...

Ok so this is the best thing ever!! He was already too cute and then coming out as Bumblebee? AWESOME!! Clayton would have LOVED this party! Ha! And yes...Walmart makes really good cake...who knew. right?