Friday, May 25, 2012

5/10/12--Happy Birthday Bubba!

Each year, we let the kids decide where they would like to eat their special birthday supper.  This year, Malachi chose the Roadhouse Grill, which he affectionately calls the "Peanut Store".  He loves digging into the buckets of peanuts they place on each table and the fact that you can dump the shells on the floor...a little boy's dream!  Bobo once showed him that he can stomp and dance on them after we eat our meal and it makes a fun sound. :)  Gaga, Boppa, Grandma, Papa, Addy and Bella were all able to join us and there was even a man making balloon characters to help us celebrate.
We gave him a new Transformer, some Transformer legos and Sapphira gave him a Chutes and Ladders game.  Boppa and Gaga gave him his own Bumblebee costume!
The wait staff sang to him and put a paper toilet seat cover around his neck and a coffee filter on his head.  He did not like the paper accessories at all and removed them immediately after they were put on him, but looooved the sundae they gave him and refused to share even a bite with his sister.  Even the cherry was deeeelicious! :)
This massive Sundae was gone in about 5 minutes flat...literally!  There is something about his boy and ice cream...he goes into his own little zone and intently wolves down the tasty treat as quickly as he can.  We tried asking him if it was good, and he didn't hear us until we tapped him on the shoulder.  Don't get between this boy and his ice cream!

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