Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pretty in Purple

The church we attend has a mom's group that meets twice a month during the school year.  Each meeting, there is a different speaker with a topic that is applicable to our lives as young moms and wives.  I love going because it gives me a chance to spend time with fellow mommas, have some adult conversation, eat good food (!), and learn skills to be come a better mom.  Our year end brunch was on May 4th and I was in charge of table decorations.  I found this tutorial on pinterest (I think!) and a contractor husband of one of the other moms whipped up the boxes and Samuel painted them and drilled the holes for the handles for me while I was at work one day.  I lightly sanded the edges with our dremmel and used scrapbook paper covered tin cans for the flower containers.  I was able to find the beautiful flowers at Costco and then cut burlap squares to go beneath the boxes on the tables.  I was quite pleased with how they turned out and got lots of compliments on them, so they must have been ok! :)  What I loved was that I was able put together each centerpiece for a bit under $20 each...not the cheapest I've done, but still pretty good (I think)!

Someone at each table was able to bring the centerpiece home and when my friend (whose husband built the boxes) saw that I didn't have one, gave me hers saying her hubby could just build her another one!  What a sweet friend! For right now, it sits on a little side table in our living room, but once the flowers die, I found this tutorial that gave me idea to use it as a silverware caddy.  Could also be used as a desk organizer, craft organizer...oh the possibilities!!! :)

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