Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy Birthday, Malachi!!!

How can my baby boy be 5 years old already??  I was looking back at baby pictures of him last night, and I can hardly believe that I was holding that tiny little boy 5 whole years ago...sigh.

Malachi, what a sweet boy you are! You are currently obsessed with the super heroes and the new Avenger's movie and it's toys have you very excited!  Emergency and contruction vehicles are also an "all the time" favorite.  Red and blue are your favorite colors. 
You are super excited to start kindergarten in the fall, but I think you might have a hard time being away from your sister every day.  Just the other day, Mommy and Sapphira went to a wedding while you stayed home with Daddy.  You saw something on tv and jumped up to find Sapphira to tell her all about it, only to come back to the living room with a bummed look on your face to tell Daddy "I forgot, she's not here...".  You try so very hard to be obedient all the time, but struggle listening to Mommy and Daddy and doing what we ask right'll get it soon enough.  You are developing a sense of humor.  You try to tell jokes and often find humor in the things Mommy and Daddy say and do.
You are such a caring boy.  When one of us gets hurt, you get quite concerned and make sure to help us if you can.  Every morning, when you snuggle with Mommy in bed before your sister wakes up, you bring an extra "lee-lee", so I can have one to cuddle, too.  You don't like to kill bugs, especially spiders, that get in the house because they are your friends.  (Sapphira is on Mommy's side and will get a shoe to kill them for me! :D)  You are also a friendly boy and make friends whenever we go to parks or play places.  You also like to share your toys with your friends, like our neighbor friend across the street.  You are constantly on the go..such a busy boy.  You love playing outside for hours on end and riding bikes and playing soccer with Daddy are your current favorites.  Each and every morning, you ask "when can we play outside?".
You can count to 13 or 14 on your own and 20 with a bit of help.  You can also write all your letters, your name if I tell you which letters to write, and can recognize 1-10 by sight.  I just can hardly believe what a wonderful boy you are growing to be and can't wait to see what you'll accomplish. 

Happy Birthday, Bubbo!!  We love you so much!!!

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