Monday, July 23, 2012

All planned out

The other day, after coming home from Grandma's house, Malachi said, "Addy calls me her husband and I call Addy my wife.  I call her my wife because we are getting married someday."  Okay Bubs, whatever you say.  

Addy and Malachi have always had more than just a cousin bond since they spend so much time together and are just a year apart.  Whenever they see each other they automatically pair up and do nearly everything together.  A few weeks ago, we went over a week without seeing them and Grandma said they were connected at the hip all day and held hands and kept telling each other how much they missed each other.  So cute.  I went through my blog and found these sweet pictures of the two of them.  

Pumpkin patch 2009
Beach trip--March 2010
Checking out some cows near grandma's house together--September 2010
Pumpkin patch 2010
Christmas 2011

See, they are just magnetically attracted to each other!  It will be fun to watch their relationship as they grow up together.  Thank the Lord for cousins! 

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