Friday, July 20, 2012

Instagram update

I thought I'd share some of the Instagram pictures I have taken lately. These have all been on Facebook, so sorry these are repeats for some of you. :)
A few weeks ago, Malachi and Sapphira had hand, foot and mouth disease.  Malachi was able to tough it out, but Sapphira's poor mouth was covered in sores making it very painful to each solid food.  She lived on milkshakes and smoothies for a few days.  I took this picture when Malachi and I were eating and she found this top to pass time while she waited for us to finish.  Sweet girl.
Sapphira looooved watching her cousins perform in their ballet recital.  She chose her poofy-est dress to wear and even carried a little purse so she'd look like a "rina", too!  She sat in the aisle next to Grandma the whole time perfectly still and quiet in awe of the dancers.
There is a walking bridge over the river in our town that we hadn't taken the kids on yet.  They loved it and thought watching a log go under their feet and swirl in the currents was incredible!
Silly girl watching herself on momma's phone camera screen.  Love her! :)
A dear friend gave the kids a picnic table for the back yard!  Eating supper has never been so fun!
Helping Grandma wash her car (in between spraying her brother and cousins! :D)

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