Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Takes me back...

I couldn't hold off any longer...we took Malachi school supply shopping on Saturday!!! We found out that his school will be supplying most of what he needs for the school year, but I still wanted to buy bottles of glue, boxes of crayons, and packages of glue sticks to be able to make this fun present for his teacher I found on pinterest.

While I happily filled the cart with the supplies I needed, Sapphira decided that she also needed a new box of crayons to take home.  Never mind the new box I just opened for her a couple weeks ago! :)  The main thing I loved about a new school year was all the new supplies I loaded into my desk on the first day, but the new box of crayons was by far the best.  All those perfectly sharpened tips and organized colors...part of me hated to get them out for my first school project!  Helping Sapphira open her new box and finding the perfect coloring book to start working on "homework" totally took me back to grade school!

♥ ♥ ♥

Malachi also picked out his backpack...Transformers complete with motion activated blinking lights!...and a peechee folder to bring papers home in...Avengers of course!  Such a boy.  Pencil boxes also caught both the kids' eyes and Malachi brought home an Avengers box and Sapphira chose a La La Loopsy design.  Since kindergartners have shared classroom supplies, we are keeping Malachi's box home and designating it his "homework supplies box".  Sapphira promptly put her new crayons in her box and has been working on "homework" every day since we brought this all home.  

A big part of me is so sad that Malachi is old enough to be going to school, but another part of me is excited that we get to start having all these new experiences!  Here's to a good year!!!

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Melissa @ Honeybee Vintage said...

Too cute!! I love the school supplies too...and if Malachi ever gets tired of that backpack...Clayton will take it;)