Sunday, September 2, 2012

Fair time!!!

Our state fair is held in the city we live in and the fairgrounds are on a main street we use nearly everyday.  Every year the kids see something is going on, ask about it, but we have always been able to get by without taking them.  It is soooo expensive!  It was close to $30 for just the 4 of us to get in! This year, right along the street we take was a display of huge tractors and Malachi begged to see them every time we'd pass.  No getting out of it this year!  Since we decided to skip church after getting home so late from the wedding the previous day, we used our down day to go see what we could see.
Right inside the gate we entered, was a free kid's zone.  There was a hay pyramid to climb with a slide, necklaces and buttons to make, grain to dig in with tractors and shovels, and the kids' favorite, a barrel train.  Samuel was such a good sport and rode with Sapphira since she was nervous to do it by herself.  We'd told the kids the we wouldn't go on any rides so when we told them they could ride this, they were over the moon!  We also watched a funny magic/illusion show for several minutes before the kids wanted to move on to explore more.  Malachi got quite involved in the show and would clap and do motions at the appropriate times.  So cute!
Because we went on the second to last day, many of the animals had already been taken home.  We were still able to see cows, pigs, goats, llamas, turtles, snakes, a couple horses (the Clydesdale horses had already all left.  I had really wanted to show Malachi how big they were.  Bummer), rabbits and several types of chickens.  This incubator full of baby chicks was pretty interesting to them.  We also surprised them by getting an elephant ear and a couple scones to share as a snack.

Even though we'd told the kids they couldn't go on any rides, the kids still wanted to see what that section of the fair was all about.  We had wanted to maybe take them on the Ferris wheel, but it would have cost $25 for the four of us to ride just once!  Not happening!  We told them they could watch a ride go for a little bit so we found the Ferris wheel (it had the most lights!) and just stood for several minutes while the kids were mesmerized by the sight.  I wished I'd taken a picture of their gaping mouths but it was just so crowded.

It was dark by the time we left and Malachi thought our shadows in the parking lot were very silly and begged me to take a picture.  Samuel is at the far left, then Malachi, Sis in the stroller and me on the right.

We all had a good time and I don't think we'll be able to get out of taking them in the future since now that it's gone, they often point out the fairgrounds when we pass by them and talk about all the things they did when the fair was there.  I guess I'll have to look for deals and coupons next year! :)

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