Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Well, apparently I have not been in the mood to write here lately.  I have a couple projects to share, some fun things to document, and some kid funnies to record.  At least every other day when I sit in my chair after the kids are in bed and the day is winding down, I think to myself, "I should really upload some photos and edit them for the blog!"  But then I look at the computer for a moment while trying to remember where the camera is in the mess that is my home and then go back to watching TV with the hubs (while drool may or may not run down my chin).  But really, I'm exhausted right now and the blog goes when I'm tired.  Pretty soon, school will start, work schedules will change and I'm pretty sure things will feel more manageable as the routines start.  I'm praying for more time and energy to blog regularly again soon.  Until then...

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