Monday, October 1, 2012

Observation Day

On the first class of each month, the ballerina's families are invited to sit in on the class to watch their girls.  Sapphira was excited to show me how her class works and I was anxious to see her dance.  I was also proud that I only cried for just a second! ;)
 Aren't they the cutest things ever!!!

 Stretching her muscles.

 The train song and the corresponding dance is her favorite part of class!
I love this picture of Sapphira and her teacher.  I can see Sapphira's total admiration for Miss R on her face and I can tell that Miss R really does care about her girls.  

 Getting to dance with ribbons.  She was very happy to have gotten a purple one! :) 

Now everytime Sapphira has class she askes if I can come watch her that day and always acts bummed when it's not an observation day.  Love it!

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