Monday, September 24, 2012

Ballerina Sapphira

A dear friend of mine at church is a trained ballerina and as a ministry, she offers ballet classes through our church.  She is incredibly patient, knows just how to interact each age group, puts emphasis on using our bodies and our dancing as another way to offer praise to Jesus, and really just loves the girls and our Lord.  She starts each class with a prayer and ends their time together thanking Jesus.  My two nieces have been taking lessons from her for the last couple years and Sapphira has been waiting anxiously for her turn to dance.  Even with the paper chain count down I made her, she'd ask nearly everyday if it was time for "rina school" yet.  The morning I was able to tell her that "today is the day" was the best day of her little life!  After nap, we put on her tights, leotard and leg warmers and headed to church.

Isn't she the cutest ballerina you've ever seen??  She was so excited to put her dance skirt and shoes and look like a real "rina".  Goodness I love her!
Trying to make her skirt twirl like the other big girls.
As all the other girls and their families started coming, she got a bit unsure and decided to watch them from a distance.
The three little girls on the right are all other 3 year olds in her class and Miss M on the left was kind enough to show the littler ones how to pose.
Such beautiful happy girls.

Sapphira really enjoyed herself and talked for several days about all the things they did in class.  Every morning she asks if it's a "rina school" day.  I'm so glad to be able to let my kids to fun things that they want to do and at the same time learn about Jesus.  The older my kids get, the more I realize that it really does take a village to raise them and I'm grateful that my village includes so many wonderful Christ-centered people!

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