Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cubbies and Sparkies

September 12th marked the beginning of AWANA's at our church.  This year, Malachi moved up to Sparks and Sapphira was over the moon to be able to start Cubbies and wear a blue vest like she'd seen on her brother for the last two years.

I didn't get on the ball this year and get the kids pre-registered, so they didn't get their vests until we got to church for the first day of club.  Sapphira was happy to be able to use her book bag again and get a book with verses to work on to put in it.  I think Malachi was most excited about the fact he got to start wearing a red vest now since that's his favorite color. :)

I know that Sapphira will do great in Cubbies, but I worry a bit about Malachi.  In Cubbies, all the clubbers learn the same verse each week and work through their books at the same pace.  Once you start Sparks, you work at your own quickly or slowly as you want.  Malachi had many weeks in Cubbies when he just didn't want to work a verse, so I wonder if he'll have a hard time wanting to work on sections at all now that it's a different set up.  Something to pray about!  Even if saying verses is a struggle for either of my babies, I know they'll have fun time playing games, listening to Bible stories and learning more about and getting closer to the Lord!

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