Saturday, March 2, 2013

Meeting our Newest Sister!

Since Amira was born so early in the morning, we didn't have the kids come to the hospital right away.  Once we were settled in our hospital room, we got a bit of rest and Samuel went home to get the kids ready for Malachi's last basketball game on Saturday morning.  I was so bummed I missed it, but Daddy made sure to send me text message updates and pictures and video of his game.  Once the game was over, the family came to the hospital to welcome Amira.  We had the kids come in with Daddy so they could have some special time with their baby first.
 He was so excited to be able to kiss her little head!
 She is such a good big sister and was so happy to finally meet her baby.
 Holding Amira and getting a good look.
Sapphira really wanted to see her toes. 
 Makes my heart happy!
Sapphira held Amira when we told the grandparents and Bobo they could come in.  She was so proud to be the one introducing her to them.
More baby snuggles.  Amira was so good and didn't fuss once with all the passing around and kisses she was getting.

Sister snuggles
Thumb sucker??  Time will tell!

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