Saturday, March 2, 2013

Happy Birth Day, Amira!

Ready for picture overload? :)  I'd like to share the details of Amira's birth before I forget them all!

During the afternoon on March 1st, I started getting a headache.  This isn't uncommon for me while I'm pregnant so I didn't think much of it and was going to wait a bit to take anything for it so I could take my prescription medication after the kids went to bed and fall to sleep myself.  As the minutes ticked by, the pain intensified and by 7:00, I had a migraine and decided to take some Tylenol to take the edge off since Samuel wasn't quite home yet.  The Tylenol didn't help to manage the headache and it continued to build.  Samuel was home by now and took my blood pressure which turned out to be high.  This combined with the headache made us panic as these are symptoms of pre-eclampsia which I had at the end of both Natalie and Malachi's pregnancies.  We called the on-call doctor and she told us to go to the ER.  After shoving the last couple things we needed into the hospital bag and a quick trip to my parents to drop off Malachi and Sapphira, we headed out.  After losing Natalie, we have a hard time not letting our minds wonder to the worst case scenarios when it comes to our children so this 15 minute drive was torture.  We were quickly ushered to a triage room where they confirmed by blood pressure was still high and hooked me up to the monitors.  My headache continued and I needed the room to be as dark and quiet as possible in order to be even semi-comfortable.  After a couple hours of monitoring, my blood pressure dropped back into the normal range, but my continued headache made the on call OB nervous, so she said that delivering ASAP was the best things to do.  After a quick ultrasound that revealed Amira was still transverse, I was prepared for a c-section.  Things started moving quickly and I got very nervous.  So nervous that I started bawling my eyes out when I had to get my spinal put in for the surgery.  The anesthesiologist wasn't able to place the catheter the first time which was quite painful and I just burst into tears. oy  The sweet nurse that was helping me sit still for the spinal wrapped her arms around me while I put my head on her shoulder and just cried and cried.  I finally got a hold of myself right around the time the spinal was placed and was laid on the table so Samuel could come in and the surgery could start.  It was so strange listening to the doctors working and just waiting to meet our daughter.  After a few minutes, I heard them say they found her feet and then that her rump was out. At 2:17 am on 3/2/13 they said "It's a girl!" and then a couple seconds later her head was born.  They had to pull the silly girl out by her feet since she was transverse.  I heard a small cry and then they held her up over the curtain for our first look.  
 Hello sweet girl!!  I cried...I was so happy she was finally here!
 My first look up close.  Such a pretty girl.

Once they took her from me so I could get all put back together and transferred to the recovery room, Samuel went with Amira while she was cleaned up and measured.
 7 pounds, 4 ounces 19 inches long.
Already wrapped around his little finger. 


They finally brought her back to me in recovery where we tried nursing a bit and got to snuggle for the first time.  I can't believe how lucky we were to be blessed a fourth time.  Thank you Lord for your miracles!

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