Sunday, March 17, 2013

We didn't get pinched!

We typically don't celebrate St. Patrick's Day in any way at our house.  We don't tend to do the smaller holidays much (we aren't against them at all!), but I will always remember leaving the hospital after Natalie died on St. Patty's Day because the nurse who helped us fill out the paperwork to transport her the mortuary was wearing a string of green shiny beads.  It reminded me that time had not stopped outside our hospital room walls and we now had to return to real life and learn to cope with the gaping hole in our hearts.  Sigh. that Malachi is in school, he's learning about these things and was told that he had to wear green or be pinched.  Malachi picked out his greenest shirt for the day, but upon looking through the girl's clothes, there was no green to be found.  Then I remembered the green fabric on my shelf and got to work on some simple and soooo stinkin' easy circle skirts.  I used this tutorial for Sapphira's skirt and this pattern for Amira's.  In just over an hour, I had these two skirts whipped up.  Loooove it!

The night before: Sapphira's just waiting for the morning to measure her waist and put in the waistband.
Matching sisters.  Sapphira was so excited!
Such a good baby sitting through church.
Green nursing toes.
Talking with Papa at lunch.
Amira: 15 days old

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