Saturday, March 16, 2013

Natalie's Day

Since Samuel was working on Natalie's actual birthday, we decided to celebrate Natalie on her Heaven Day.  We took the kids to see Wreck It Ralph at the $2 movie theater and had popcorn and soda while we watched.  Malachi and Sapphira really enjoyed the show and Amira was such a good quiet and snuggly.  Then we got 7 lavender balloons from the grocery store and headed home to let the kids color pictures for their sister before we let them off.
Working hard for their sister.
Malachi's picture for Natalie.  Every year we let them draw whatever they'd like which is always so sweet, but Malachi's was sad this year, too.  On the left is a drawing of our dog Duke who died several years ago.  The circle around him is the hole he's buried in.  Next to Duke is Natalie in "her hole".  He said that they are in their holes because they died and they are in Heaven now with Jesus.  Very true, sweet and sad.  Love you, Bubbo.
 Here's Sapphira's picture.  She drew her sister and then asked how to write her name.  Such a sweet girl.
Our yearly picture on Natalie's Day.  I love having the family pictures but hate that they will always be missing one member.

Malachi let his off so quickly I didn't get a picture of him with them.  Off they go! 
 So excited to send her sister balloons for her Heaven birthday.

 Off they go!
 Malachi blowing kisses.
Watching them until we couldn't see them anymore.

I'm so thankful that I am able to teach my children about their sister and do fun things in her memory, but on the other hand it makes my heart ache.  I wish they could have met her, felt how soft her skin was and heard her little noises.  I wish the fact that babies die isn't abnormal to them.  I wish I didn't have to console them because they miss their sister when my heart is aching at the same time.  I wish it could be different, but since it can't I can be glad.  Glad that they recognize her in pictures immediately.  Glad that they always remember to include her when we are counting up the members of our family.  Glad that they are looking forward to meeting her when we get to Heaven.  Thank you Lord for Natalie and take good care of her until we can again some day.  

We love you, Natalie!

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