Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Colorful entertainment

In our living room, we have a huge window that looks out on the back yard.  From the eve above this window we have a collection of wind chimes, a bird seed feeder and a hummingbird feeder.  The kids like watching the birds come to eat and the hummingbirds are especially interesting to all of us.  We have female Anna's hummingbirds visit our feeder year round, but haven't noticed any others until this year.

One day we were watching a hummingbird feed when we noticed a flash of red.  I was able to sneak up slowly on the bird and see it has a patch of red feathers on it's chin before it flew away.  A few minutes later it came back to feed and I was able to get our camera and sneak up on it again.

Whenever it would bend down it's head to drink, the red shiny feathers would flash.  I was able to determine this is a male Rufous hummingbird.  We only ever see one at a time, so I wonder if it is one that has a nest nearby.  We have also seen it hover in front of the window when one of the kids was sitting near it like it was looking inside.  I just love watching these little birds...they are quite amazing!  I really think the Lord must have had lots of fun when he was creating all these animals! :)

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