Monday, April 1, 2013

4 years old!?

How did my baby get to be 4 years old already!? What a sweet girl Sapphira is!  When people get hurt or are sad, she is quick to offer a hug and her la-lee to cheer them up.  She's a tough little cookie...she rarely cries when she gets hurt and is quick to issue a matching offense if Brother is responsible of her discomfort.  While she is terrified of most dogs (especially medium and large dogs), she is getting to be a bit of a daredevil and will try most things once.  In this last year alone, she rode a horse, helped Papa clean some fish and learned to crack eggs with Grandma...all things she would not have done just a year ago.  Her legs are finally long enough to ride her trike and she loves being able to keep up with Malachi.  Daddy is also teaching her a little bit about soccer and she loves kicking the ball with Daddy.  She is also a girly girl who loves pink, purple and Rapunzel.  Dress up is a favorite activity.  Sapphira can write her name with spelling help, knows all her letters and can count to nearly 20.  She sings constantly and ballet class has added many new moves to her dancing repertoire.  Malachi and Sapphira fight like any pair of siblings, but play together well fair more often then they bicker.  She comes up with new "games" for them to play everyday, but they play her "mommy" game everyday (she is the mom and Malachi is the child of some sort) and alternate between being a human and cat family. She is nearly finished with her first year of Cubbies at church and loves to go to club to see Cubbie bear and his friends.  She doesn't like learning the verses from her Cubbies book, but listens intently when Malachi is memorizing his Sparkies verses and tries to learn them herself.  She knows about a quarter of the books of the New Testament by heart.  I think she is close to asking Jesus to come into her heart.  She knows about Jesus and all He did for us and often asks questions about this or the lesson she heard in Sunday School class.  She was so proud when we bought her a big girl Bible this year (it's pink of course!!!) and likes to carry it around and sleep with it if we let her.  She continues to be a Daddy's girl and always goes to him for loves or help over anyone else if he is around.  Her favorite day of the week is Saturday and Sunday because they are "family days" meaning Daddy is home from work and we get to be together all day long.

Every year, we let the birthday kid pick their dinner supper.  Sapphira had a Red Robin supper planned out for a very long time.  Sapphira woke up feeling very sick and feverish on her birthday, so we couldn't go out to eat, but Daddy picked up Red Robin take out for us on his way home from work.  After supper, Sapphira got to open a couple presents from Mommy and Daddy...she was so excited!

 A Rapunzel CD for her new...
CD player!!!  Her best friend has a CD/radio player in his room and when she goes to his house they are often found in his room with a worship CD playing, dancing and singing to the music.  I knew she'd be over the moon to have her own!!  Funny story...we listened to Sapphira' new CD a couple times before bed and after being in bed for a little while, Malachi gets out of bed to tell us "I was thinking about Sapphira's new song in my head and its too loud."  Samuel said "well just think about it quieter."  "Ok" and he went back to bed...goober.

I just can't imagine life without my girl.  Happy Birthday Sapphira!!!  We love you!

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