Thursday, September 6, 2007

An eventful week!

Last Friday was Samuel and my 5th anniversary, so we dropped Malachi off at Grammy and Grandpa's and went to dinner and a movie. I sat in the front seat for the first time since Malachi was born!! That felt really weird!! :) Samuel also surprised me by taking Saturday off, so all three of us were able to just hang out around the house all day...that's not something we get to do very often.

Malachi has finally realized that he has a body below his tummy!! Last Thursday, he grabbed his toes for the first time. There goes easy diaper changes! haha He has also started to lean forward when he sits on your lap and really enjoys standing when you hold his hands for support...he can acutally support he own body weight!! So we brought the exersaucer down from the attic and he is really enjoying playing in that. He bounces up and down and spins himself all the way around while talking to his toys...getting to be such a big boy!!
I just had to show these adorable pictures!! Having fun in my exersaucer!! Why does Mommy have to do things like this to me?? Just so cute...

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Teresa said...

He is SOOO cute!!! I can't believe he is growing up so quickly, did you just give birth last week??? :)