Friday, September 14, 2007

4 months old!!!

I can hardly believe that Malachi is that old!! It seems like just yesterday I was still pregnant, wishing the days to go by faster so that I could hold him. Well, I I get to hold, um lug him around all I want. We went to the doctor yesterday for his 4 month check up and shots and he weighed in at 19 pounds 1 ounce (off the percentile charts--no wonder my back hurts all the time!! haha) and 26 inches long (about 80th percentile). I am not convinced that the length measurement is completely accurate since they didn't even stretch his leg out when they did it, so we will have to measure him ourselves to see how long he really is. He cried for his shots, but right after, Daddy was able to get him laughing, so they couldn't have been too bad!! :) He had a pretty lazy day yesterday, sleeping in his swing most of the time I was at work. He did that after his 2 month shots, too.

The last two weeks have been a pretty busy time for Malachi. In between discovering his toes and perfecting his tummy-to-back roll over, he also found time to develop a liking to his favorite plastic keys (thanks Grammy!!) and learn to roll from his back to his tummy. He thinks this last trick is particularly fun as he does it nearly every time he gets put on his back and gets really excited whenever he does it (it also is making diaper changes a bit more difficult!! haha). I bet he will be rockin' and rollin' all over the living room pretty soon. His flannel burp rags have become the lovey of choice, making getting to sleep and riding in the car much more comfortable. His favorite thing to do is to be held up on Mommy's shoulder and put his thumb up underneath the flannel rag and suck his thumb and rag together. Way too cute. He has been drooling like a madman, going through 3 or 4 bibs every day, not to mention a couple soaked shirts!! Mommy working part time is still working out fine, except that Mommy misses her baby soooo much while she's away.

Here's a four month buddy picture...
For reference, here's a one month pic... Isn't it amazing out big they get so quickly.
Here's some more cuteness to brighten up your day!! :)

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