Saturday, October 13, 2007

5 months old!!!

I can't believe how quickly time is passing...before I know it Malachi will be all grown up. Hmmm...a bit of a over reaction I know, but I am now finally understanding what everyone means when they say "enjoy every passes by too quickly"!
Here is the official 5 month Buddy picture.
He is just getting so big. We estimate he is about 20-22 pounds by weighing him on our home scale. That means he is too heavy for his carrier. I never thought I would have to be buying my 5 month old a new "big kid" carseat. I have seen babies much older than him still in their carriers. Oh well, it was an early Christmas gift from Grandma and Papa and it goes up to 100 pounds so I hope that will last him for a bit-ha! He is still drolling and chewing on things like a madman, and I keep feeling for teeth, but nothing feels different. I just expect to wake him up one morning and he'll have a full set of teeth the way he's been chomping on things. He has prefered laying and sleeping on his tummy for almost a month now, but all of the sudden, he is starting to roll to his back...just can't make up his mind some days...just roll back and forth while playing until he wears himself out like he did in this pictures.

Crazy kid was just playing, playing, playing and then his head hit the floor (literally!!) and he was asleep! Wow...sometimes I wish I could do that!! haha And as you can tell from the pics, he is definately a thumb sucker. He will only take a pacifier once in a great while and only when he's not at home.
Growing like a week he'll be walking!! haha
Oh, I added some new pics to my flickr!!

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The Kenagy's said...

Your babies are so precious!! I had seen pictures of Natalie, but these are the first I've seen of Malachi. . .love the middle name, by the way :) God is so good. . .giving us short times with our first babies, allowing us to get pregnant soon after our losses, and then giving us healthy baby boys - and all the while holding us while we still grieve what we lost and enjoy what we hold now. :) Blessings to your little family of four. Maybe we'll have a chance to meet you guys over the Thanksgiving weekend. We'll go to church with Dave and Beth on Sunday, I'm sure :)