Sunday, October 21, 2007

A week gone by...

I can't believe this last week has come and gone already. Time goes way too quickly. Well...what is interesting to talk about?? All three of us have colds. I feel so icky...Malachi is just really stuffy, but he is in a good mood still, so he must not being feeling too bad. Just wish there was something that I could take to feel better without drying up my milk.
Malachi had his first official food on Monday. We have been giving him tiny tastes of different things for the last couple weeks, but he got a several spoonfuls of rice cereal on Monday. We stripped him down to his bib and diaper and gave it a go. Overall, I would call it a success since he ate half of what I made for him. One nice side effect of eating cereal is that he is starting to sleep through the night. I have heard some doctors say that eating real food doesn't help them sleep through the night, but it seems to be a funny coincidence if that is true. Hmmm...speaking of cereal, a certain someone is getting a bit cranky so I should give him some before I lose the opportunity. While I'm gone, please enjoy some pics of the event (please imagine your favorite elevator/on hold music. You may hum if you'd like :)!!)

OK, that went really quick. He's really getting into this eating thing. He gobbled up 2 servings. Opened his mouth and actually swallowed and everything!! Getting to be such a big boy!!!
I just have to show you all one more thing. My friend, Brenda came over yesterday to scrapbook. We had so much fun and I actually got 4 pages done (don't ask how long we husband keeps saying I should have gotten more done for the amount of time we were at it, but it was not just about scrapping, but gabbing, too!! haha) I am still working on Natalie's scrapbook...1-1/2 years later...I feel so guilty. Oh well, if we keep working at it like we did yesterday, it will be finished pretty soon. Anyways, I finished this page and I am so happy with the way it turned out. Just imagine more purple paper above and below...I scrap in 12x12 pages, but my scanner does not scan in that size, so this will have to do.
I'm thinking that this might make for a really pretty shadow box. Hmm...a pretty black frame from Micheal's (40% off with coupon of course!!) and I say that we're in business!
Well, I hope you all have a good beginning of your week. I hope we all get over this blah-blogging bug that all my blogging friends and I have seemed to have caught and we can think of things to write about soon!!! :)

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Rochelle said...

So cute. I love those first tastes of solid food. Man he is the cutest kid. I loved the scrap page. I think it would look great in a shadow box. I am glad that you got to work on natalie's album.