Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Pumkin Patch!!!

We thought that we would take advantage of the beautiful and not-too-cold weather today and go to the pumpkin patch. So Mommy, Daddy, Grammy and Grampy...well and of course Malachi!!...all loaded up into the car and headed off to the pumpkin patch we used to visit when my brother and I were little. We didn't have the best timing since Malachi was a bit grumpy and then slept in his stroller while we picked our way through the fields in search of the perfect Malachi and Natalie pumpkins. We found a little fat pumpkin for Malachi and a small and skinny one for Natalie...the perfect likenesses!!! :) He woke up once we came up next to the barn just in time for some pictures with some pumpkins.
Sitting up by himself for the first time...and with pumpkins at that!! I was thinking to myself on the way I sure wish Malachi could sit up better so that we could get a picture of him sitting with some pumpkins without one of our arms in the picture. I guess my wish came true. He sat like this for several minutes until the tractor pulling the hay ride pulled up next to us and the loud motor scared him.

Sitting with the pumpkins we chose...Natalie's is in his lap and his is next to him. I just love little pumpkins! Almost as cute as the little ones who choose them! He wasn't very happy to sit on the hay since it kept poking him.
I don't think that anyone likes this kid even a little bit! haha

Well, I guess I need to get off the computer and keep working on Malachi's Halloween costume. I hope to make him a garden gnome. I have the coat all finished and now just have to work on the hat and beard. I hope it turns out!!!

Oh...I put up some more pictures on flickr, too!

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Teresa said...

Super cute pictures and what a super cute idea for his costume! I hope you are coming to the church to show him off at the carnival! :) If not, you have to show pictures!!!