Saturday, February 16, 2008

9 months old!

Ok finally getting around to putting up Malachi's 9 month Buddy shot. Didn't get as many good ones this month...too squirmy!!!So this month...his two top, front teeth finally poked through and are working their way in. Still no crawling, but he really doesn't need to...he can roll just as fast!! He does the Army crawl with his forearms, and gets up on his hands or elbow and knees occasionally, but I think crawling will be a couple weeks away at least if he does it at all. He LOVES to walk. Grandma Ramos has been working with him and he can take good, strong steps and walk across the room, no problem (with support, of course!) His favorite toy is his Leap Pad table that Grandma and Papa Ramos got him for Christmas and stand and plays at it for several periods of time each day. He is starting to sleep through the night once or twice a week, but when he doesn't, he's up for at least an hour in the middle of the night. Uggg...not Mommy's favorite. A pretty good...not to mention quick...month!!
Here's another picture we took on Malachi's 9 month birthday. We took him to Waterfront Park and let him ride on the carousel...not sure what he thought of that, but he enjoyed the walk we took afterward. I thought this picture was pretty cute. More new pictures on Flickr

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Char said...

He's absolutely adorable! I can't believe how big our babies are!!