Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Easter Dresses

When I was growing up, every Easter meant a new pretty dress and the opportunity to wear a special pair of white gloves and to carry a pretty white purse to church. I remember how pretty I felt when I had my special dress on and how I judged how "good" the dress was by how far out the skirt floated when I spun around. Although I haven't purchased an Easter dress in several years, I still get a bit excited inside when I think about Easter coming and dressing up nice to celebrate our Lord's sacrifice. So of course, this is a tradition I would like to pass on to my children. It will be really fun to get Malachi dressed up in a shirt and tie with a little sweater vest, but part of me really misses not being able to buy a pretty dress for my daughter. Last year was sad, but this year is hitting me a bit harder. We were at Target today, and I found this adorable dress. Lavendar and green were the colors we had chosen for her nursery, so this dress screams Natalie to me. I miss her and think of her everyday, but it is these little things that sometimes smack you in the chest. What size would she have worn...24 months or 2T? Would she have thought that this was pretty? Would the "spin factor" have been to her liking? How would the lavendar have looked against her tan skin? I can just she her standing proudly and feeling pretty in this dress with her long, curly black hair pinned back from her face and falling down her shoulders. She would have been gorgeous. My arms and heart just ache when I think about that. Never did I think that a simple Easter dress would ever affect in me this way. Mommy loves you, Natalie. xoxoxo


Rochelle said...

amy. my heart is breaking for you. I think natalie would have looked stunning in that dress and she would have loved the 'twirl' factor. but now she gets to twirl all the time in a beautiful gown that flows and she is adored and loved by all. thanks for your post.

Teresa said...

I can't start to imagine how you must feel since I always tear up or cry each time I read or hear you talk about your precious little girl! What an amazing impact sweet Natalie has made and continues to make on all who get to share in her wonderful legacy with you and Samuel!!! Looking forward to see the little man all dressed up on Easter! :)

Char said...

Thank you for posting such beautiful words that remind me to cherish my little one every moment! Love to you and your family!!!