Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Busy Busy!!!

This last week has been very busy!! Malachi is walking everywhere now and is getting quite steady and very quick. He walks two-thirds of the time now. If he falls, he hasn't figured out how to stand up from where he is sitting (it just a matter of time!!), but he makes a bee line for the nearest thing to pull up on and just keeps on walking from there. He now has all eight front teeth--4 on top and four on bottom--although the four new ones aren't all the way in yet. So cute!!

We spent Memorial Day weekend very quietly...so nice!! On Saturday, we went to one of our little friend's ballet recital...she's 3! It was so adorable. Malachi did pretty good if we were standing at the back of the auditorium and swaying to the music and he even clapped at the appropriate times. We went to her grandparent's house afterwards and spent the afternoon eating, chatting and running around their enormous yard. Malachi conked out about 2 minutes after we left...he played really hard. On Memorial Day, we went to my parent's house and spent time with my grandparents and brother and had BBQ dinner.

Another new thing around here, well at least for me, is that I started Weight Watchers last Friday (Samuel is doing it with me, but not going to the meetings). I am so sick of looking at myself and hating how much I weigh, so I decided to stop worrying and thinking about it and actually do something about it. One of my friends that I used to work with is a WW counselor and I saw her a week or so ago and how skinny she was and decided that this would be the way I would lose some weight. I went to weigh in for the first time today and I lost 7.4 pounds since Friday...I was so excited!!! I wasn't sure I wanted to talk about this on my blog, but after today's success, I just had to say something. I will try to keep that updated, too. I guess this will be extra motivation to be good and keep losing!!

Well, I hope you are all getting back into the groove of things after the long weekend. At least this week is short now, too!! :)


Rochelle said...

Congrats! that is awesome! are u doing points? it is amazing how the points add up so quickly! You are going to do great on WW.

Teresa said...

7.5 pounds!!! YOU ROCK!!! Keep up the awesome work!! Maybe you will get out of those 14 pants......HAHAHAHA (okay, for everyone else who reads this, this is an inside joke and I am not saying that she wears a 14 or that there is anything wrong with a 14) :)