Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tired Boy...Part 2

Last night after I blogged, I talked to Samuel a little bit more about him falling asleep last night since I wasn't home to see it myself (I was having a very fun dinner out with the girls!!). Anyways, so Malachi was playing the stacky cups behind the recliner that Samuel was sitting in and Samuel hadn't heard him for a minute...just like I said last night. But here's where the story gets better...he was sleeping with his head of the floor, and his behind on the in other words, he was sitting up and then just passed out and fell asleep with his head in his own lap!!! Samuel picked him up (he barely even stirred) and put him to sleep without so much as a peep!! I wish I had a picture of that!! I have been pretty tired before, but never that tired!! Crazy kid!!

1 comment:

Teresa said...

It must be all of that extra energy he is using up walking around everywhere! :)