Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's been awhile!!

It has been over a week since I last posted, but I sort of don't feel so bad since most of my bloggy friends aren't posting much either!! It must be going around. :)

So Malachi is walking around everywhere and is getting quite good at it. On Sunday, he walked about 14 feet at one time. I think he could walk much farther than that but he is easily distracted by toys, tv, or the going-ons outside. The only things he has a problem with is socks without grippys in the kitchen and the transition between the dining room area and the kitchen where the carpet and vinyl meet. Right now his favorite things to play with are some stacky/nesting cups my mom got him for his birthday...he will sit and put them in each other and take them out over and over and over again while pursing his lips--so cute!!...and also playing with ALL of his balls and a bottle in the entry way. I think he likes the noise it makes since it is vinyl and echo-y so he will throw them down on the floor or against the wall and just laugh and laugh.

We are also really into playing outside and he is now asking to go out. He has figured out that if we go out the backdoor, we end up outside so he will wave out the window and then look at you like "can I go bye-bye out there?" He loves playing with the dogs, and they love licking and being around him. Sadie, our girl, black and white dog, is getting quite protective of him and will sometimes keep Duke away and they get into arguments about who is going to be around Malachi.
He has also discovered that the fridge is where all the food is, so whenever it is opened, he will make a beeline to it so he can stand and reach for the things he wants.
I just have to share this picture...Samuel was feeding Malachi his lunch and left the room for just a minute to wash his hands and came back to find this...I came home a couple minutes later. That is one tired kid!!

Speaking of tired, Malachi woke up at 7:30 this morning and only took a 15 minute cat nap this morning around 11. He was playing with his toys behind the recliner at 8 this evening and Samuel hadn't heard him for a couple minutes so he got up to see what he was doing...he had fallen asleep in the middle of playing...on top of his toys!! So he is in his crib, jeans and all...poor thing was so worn out!!


Rochelle said...

okay that is too funny! i love it when they are that tired. they are too funny. hey, my 8 year old fell asleep the other night in half pj's/half school clothes! Must be going around.

Char said...

Ryan is doing the outside thing and the fridge thing too! Must be that age!