Tuesday, May 13, 2008

First Steps...For Reals!!

Malachi took 3 or 4 steps again for my mom while I was at work this morning...bummer. Just a little while ago once we were all home together, we tried to get him to walk for us. We had a couple tries with 2 steps, or falling steps and I was trying to get it on camera. After a few more attempts, he finally got it!!!

So cute, he even stopped in the middle and started walking again. And you got to love the face...tongue sticking out and all!! :) It will be interesting to see how much he does of it in the next few days. Looks like I might be losing some more baby weight in the next few weeks!! haha


Rochelle said...

that is awesome! now you have your hands full. watch out...here he comes!

Teresa said...

He looks so stable!!! Those are some great first steps...before you know it he will be RUNNING everywhere!!! :)

Old Relavo said...

awh, cute.