Monday, May 12, 2008

First Steps?? tooth

Ok, so while we were at the birthday party yesterday, I think that Malachi took his first steps. I was getting up to leave the room for a second, and my mom said that Malachi took two pretty stable steps from the coffee table to a chairin my direction. I ran out to get Samuel and then ran back to the living room where Malachi took another couple steps from my mom to me. Of course, when Samuel came in, Malachi wouldn't do it again. I am having a hard time determining if they are "controlled falling" or actual steps. I'm sure one of these days here soon, he will just take off and never look back. I don't know why us parents get so excited when our babies take their first steps...when they start walking, it just makes more work for us!! haha But is it fun and sort of weird to see a child that not so long ago spent most of the day lying helplessly in your arms walking/running full speed across the room!
Today while Malachi and I were playing after dinner, I noticed that Malachi has sprouted his 6th tooth. I made this fancy-dancy colored coated chart to help illustrate my point!! The green one is the new tooth, the orange ones are all the others he has right now. The number 2 on the upper right is still only half way in, but once it and number 2 lower right comes in, and if nothing else has made an appearance, we should have a pretty goofy looking lopsided smile! So cute. Now I know why he was chewing on everything this weekend and was a tiny bit fussier than usual. We have also been having a very hard time going down to bed. We will put him down and he will start wailing and we will let him go for a while and try rocking again and repeat the process sometimes successfully, sometimes not and then we try round three. Tonight, we (mostly I!!) decided that he would cry until he fell asleep. He cried for a half hour straight (coughing, gagging...the whole thing!) and then cried off and on for another half hour. I can't wait until summer time when we will be able to go outside and not be able to hear it!! Hopefully once the tooth has started coming out more, these issues will clear up!!

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