Friday, May 30, 2008

I saw this on Char's blog and just had to see what mine would say. I was afraid after the last thing like this I did, but this one doesn't make me feel so bad!!

Take this test!
You are Carol Brady from The Brady Bunch. You may or may not have six kids, but your life probably feels plenty full of chaos as you shuttle your children to activities, try to solve their problems, and still throw together something tasty for them to eat. (Wouldn't it be nice if Alice were around to help you out?)
Good thing you're a born organizer — and good thing you thrive on momentum. You've probably got a reputation for being perky and positive and that may be just because you're much too busy to dwell on anything negative. Just keep telling yourself: It's a sunshine day, and mothering is what makes you glow.

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Teresa said...

This is really fun! I just did mine and I am Marg Simpson :) HAHA