Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Today turned out to be a little bittersweet for us today. At church they asked for pictures of daddies and their daughters for a PowerPoint presentation during service. I emailed my favorite picture of Natalie and Samuel (the one below) and then they played them all to the song "Cinderella" by Steven Curtis Chapman. That song makes us sad and we usually turn it when it comes on the radio. So we both cried pretty hard today at church.

Happy Father's day Samuel! Thank you for being such a good daddy to our children and a wonderful husband. We love you lots and lots!! xoxoxo Amy, Natalie, and Malachi


buhtafly said...

Happy Fathers Day Samuel!

that was a great presentation wasn't it!? I spaced getting pictures of Kyle and his daughters in there, I feel kind of bad.:( It already had quite a reaction on him though after he saw Samuel and Natalie on there..we were both crying. Let Samuel know he isn't alone on a day like today. Its very bittersweet. Daddies sometimes have to stay strong for the mommies and losing a baby hurts them just as much. ((((hugs)))))

Rochelle said...

i cried when i saw samuel and natalie too. i want u to know that your story has impacted my life and i am thankful that you have been so transparent in hard times!