Thursday, September 25, 2008

I think I know now...

So on my last Peanut post, I mentioned that I don't have a real sense of the baby's gender yet. I think I lied...without realizing it of course! :) Thinking back a bit, I have always thought (even before I wanted to start trying for baby #3) that this one would be a girl. I was in no hurry to find a boy name and I was looking at girl clothes because I knew that I would need be buying some soon. This is the way I felt about Natalie and Malachi...I knew their gender before they were even conceived. Am I crazy?? I call it a mommy's intuition, but I guess that could be a polite thing to say! haha This pregnancy is already zooming by compared to the other two. I really think having a baby at home this time around is making all the difference!! I just can hardly wait until we get to see Peanut again in November or December to see if I am three for three!!

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