Friday, September 26, 2008

Poor Little Guy

Poor Mr. Malachi is teething right now. One tooth would be bad enough, but (get this) he is working on 6, yes 6 teeth at the moment. All four eye teeth and his bottom molars. He is so grumpy and throwing temper tantrums like crazy and it is so hard to want to discipline him because I know that he is frustrated because his mouth hurts so much. He has only recently started throwing tantrums, mainly when he is tired and only once or twice. But the last couple of days have been on and off all day long...throwing himself on the ground and then rolling all around, hitting, kicking, and screaming--the works! Ignoring him for just a bit or getting him interested in something else usually work, but a couple times, we have had to just let him go at it for a few minutes to get it out of his system. The only good thing about this is that he wears himself out so that he falls asleep early and sleeps hard. Tylenol has helped keep the edge off of things, but he isn't really interested in chewing on anything cold. We tried the teething tablets when he was getting his littler teeth and they didn't make a difference, although, he didn't hardly react to the pain of getting them. Does anyone have experience with something else that might help?? Any suggestions are welcomed. We are off to a BBQ a little later at my parent's house, so I hope that things go OK. Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!

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Char said...

POPSICLES!!! Those have been our teething life line!! Try it out, let me know if it works for you!
(Ryan won't chew on cold teething stuff, but he will devour the popsicle, and he can get it into the back of his mouth where it hurts!)