Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Interesting week...***updated***

***2/19--Teresa reminded me that I didn't mention how Sapphira measured at her ultrasound. She was one week larger than average (at her other ultrasound and all my OB appointments she has been between 1 and 2 weeks big), but the technician said that around this time and especially in the last month they really start packing on the ounces. She also joked that we might see each other again in the next month or so!! Oy...bigger than 9 pounds? I just hope her head isn't as big as Malachi's. I shudder a little just thinking about it. :)*** far at least!
Monday morning I had my normal OB appointment. Everything looked good but still measuring big, so he wanted to get an ultrasound done to see exactly how much larger than average she is now. I also mentioned to him that I have been super thirsty with this pregnancy and even after drinking 3-24 ounce water bottles at work, I still come home parched and drink tons all day. He said he would wait to think about gestational diabetes until we had the ultrasound done. I also mentioned to him about how dry my skin is and that I think my eczema is coming back even with trying so hard to keep hydrated. I think this perked his interest some because he had his nurse prick my finger to take my blood sugar. Sure enough, it was "really high", so he wanted me to take another 1 hour glucose blood draw. I came back later that day after work to take care of that.
Tuesday, we were able to get in for an ultrasound. It was so much fun to see her her fingers and feet wiggle, her mouth open and close. Her gestures and behavior already reminded me so much of a incredible that there is actually a living being inside of me. You would think that since this is my 3rd pregnancy that the awe I feel when I carry a child would wear off, but it definitely has not. We also got to see a bunch of hair on her head...the technician acted a little surprised at how much there was at 32 weeks. So much fun!
This morning I got a call back from my OB's nurse saying that the blood glucose test from Monday came back high, and that I have to go in for the fasting 3-4 hour one this coming Monday. I am so looking forward to that...yeah right!! Malachi and I also have dentist appointments that afternoon, so I guess we'll see how that goes. Hopefully the long test will come back negative. Of course I am worried about Sapphira's and my health, but I am sad that if I do have gestational diabetes, I will have to be more careful about what I eat and not just be able to have whatever I feel like. Oh well, it will only be for another 6 weeks or so...I can do anything for 6 weeks, right? :)


Teresa said...

So, did you find out how much bigger she was measuring? I think it would be awesome to meet her a few weeks early :) I also love that you are always amazed at the process of pregnancy because I feel the same way!!! It is AWESOME even if it is your 8th. ;)

Anonymous said...

Im glad to hear that your appointment went well. Can't wait to meet her.

Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad about measuring big. I had my appointment last Friday and I am measuring 3 weeks big.