Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm still here!

I'm still here, but just not here!! So many things going on...so many updates to post! :)

I took the 3-4 hour fasting glucose test and was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. For me it is controlled by diet and medication. After meeting with a nurse and dietitian about it, the adjustments I have had to make are quite manageable and if I play my cards right, I can have what I want to eat, or at least a variation of it. I do have to test my blood 4 times a day, which I hated at first, but now it's not so bad...just remembering to do it at the appropriate times is a bit hard sometimes. I just have to keep reminding myself on the days that are a bit rough...this is for Sapphira's health...it's only for a couple more weeks! I can do anything for a couple weeks, right? Also, because of the diabetes, Sapphira has to have bi-weekly non stress tests. One is at my weekly OB appointment, and the other is on Thursday at the hospital. I had my first one yesterday, and it was not very much fun at all. It was early in the morning, Sapphira was sleeping, and the nurse had a very difficult time getting a good reading on her. Hopefully, since most of the rest of my appointments are in the afternoons when she is more active, things will go more smoothly and not be so frustrating in the future.

I can just hardly believe she is nearly here! We are already at the 35 week mark!! Ahhhh...that's crazy! Some days it feels like it will never get here, but others feel like things are zooming by at warp speed. We spent a little time at Target today creating a small registry. Since we saved everything from Malachi, we are in need of very little this time around. I have to admit though, it was very fun looking at all of the baby things (especially the pink stuff!!) and just wondering what things will be like when she is here. What will she look like? Will she love to snuggle like her brother and sister? I can just hardly wait!!!

Malachi is 22 months today!! Sniff, sniff...what happened to my little baby boy? He does so many new things almost daily it's so hard to keep up with him! He learned "high five" from Boppa and Bobo over the weekend and loves to do that and "boom" (fist bumping) whenever and to whomever possible. He has a new fascination with fire engines ("ingin, mama, ingin!!") and was so excited when he got to see 3 of them today! I think he is also starting to understand the concept of counting. Today while getting his diaper changed, he noticed that he has two lights in his room. He pointed to them and said "light, light, two light". I guess we'll see if that continues or if it was a fluke. We have also started putting up some of Sapphira's things ahead of time to ease her impact a bit. We rearranged his room and put her crib in and every night when we tuck him in he points to it and says "Ra-Ra" (Malachi-ese for Sapphira). We also installed the baby carrier in the car and moved his over and he also knows who that seat is for. He kisses my tummy and shows people where Ra-Ra is (sometimes even pulling up my shirt!! oy), but I wonder what he will really think once a screaming, attention grabbing baby is actually in the house. I guess we'll find out soon! :) Part of my heart aches a bit that he won't be my only little honey at home anymore and worry if he'll hate us for awhile, but I know that eventually things will settle and we'll be a happy family of 5. I think that he'll love having someone to play with.

Samuel is still job hunting. He spends time each day looking mostly online for jobs and has gotten confirmation from some of them that he qualifies and is being sent on to the next round. It is frustrating that he has been without a job for nearly 6 months, but I keep reminding myself that we have been down this path before and everything always worked out. We have been through WAY worse and the Lord always took care of us. Just have to be patient...the hard part sometimes for me!! :)

Well, that's about all for me at the moment! Hope you all are having a great week so far! :)

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