Friday, May 8, 2009

Birthday Present

My birthday was back at the beginning of April, but I have been meaning to post about the best present I have gotten in a long time!! I have been wanting one of those charm necklaces with my kid's names for the longest time, but we have never been able to afford them. I happened upon The Vintage Pearl from Ali Edward's blog and fell in love with her versions of this style of jewelry and the reasonable pricing! I told Samuel about it and my in-laws and parents chipped in so that he could get it for me. I LOVE it!!! It came just a couple days before Sapphira was born. Here are some pictures of my new favorite thing!

A side note: I love the little birthstone crystals and when we ordered it, we didn't think twice about what Sapphira's should be. By the time I received the necklace, I had gestational diabetes, my blood pressure was starting to creep up and my OB was suggesting that Sapphira was going to be making her appearance soon. I just remember praying that she would be born in April, partly because I would like March to be Natalie's month if all at possible, but mostly because I didn't want to have to send my necklace back for a new birthstone!! ha When I was induced on March 31st and the Dr said I might have her that evening, I have to admit that I paniced a little. Later that night, as Samuel and I were watching Jay Leno in my hospital room, he turns to me and points out the fact that it was midnight and that "your necklace is ok!". :)

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Rochelle said...

yay!!! i am so glad that you have your beautiful looks good on you my dear!