Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Malachi!

Malachi's birthday is today, but since it is Mother's Day, we celebrated yesterday with a Lightening McQueen (his favorite!!!) party at the park. It was the perfect day to play outside and I think Malachi really enjoyed himself...I know that I did!! :)
Playing soccer with Papa and Daddy
He's getting so good at dribbling the ball.
Lightening McQueen Cake
"Ooooo...Mac!" (That's what he calls Lightening McQueen)
More ti-ka's (train tracks)!!! These had to be opened the minute we got home! :)
Another engine for his collection!
Grandma and Papa got him his own basketball hoop...very exciting!
Singing "Happy Birthday". I totally think he's teething...his hands have been in his mouth constantly for the last couple of weeks.

I just can't believe my baby boy is two already!! He is getting to be such a big boy!!!

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Teresa said...

Happy Birthday Malachi!!! :)