Friday, May 8, 2009

Nursing Cover Giveaway!!

I have always liked making crafts, but most recently, my interests have settled on scrapbooking. Since Sapphira was born, I haven't had blocks of time big enough to devote to scrapbooking and I have stumbled across several crafting blogs that are more focused on sewing and general crafting. One of these blogs is Make It and Love It. I love all the fun projects that are posted...with tutorials! Hooray! I have several of the projects bookmarked and waiting to be made!! I can't wait! Oh, and right now, one of her sponsors, Lilacs and Lollipops is giving away one of their Hideaway Nursing Covers. Be sure to stop by and enter to can have up to five entries! Even if you don't need one for yourself, I'm sure you know a soon-to-be mommy that would love it!! Be sure to check out all the fun projects, too...I bet you'll be inspired like I have!

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