Tuesday, January 26, 2010

12.25.09--Happy Birthday, Jesus!!!

On Christmas morning, Samuel's parents, Bella and Addy came over to open presents together and then eat at lunch time. We had so much fun opening presents with all the kids, and then spending a leisurely afternoon together...Malachi and Sapphira napped, the girls played, and the grown ups recovered from the big meal!

Playing with new toys!

A new bead toy from Grandma and Papa!
Malachi got a tool set from Grandma and Papa. This is especially cool since Samuel has many of the same tools and Malachi's are identical to Daddy's...very, very exciting!
Trying Bubba's new goggles
Hmmm...something's not quite right...
Natalie's rose

Isabella showing off her new tea set
Addy playing with new toys.
Playing with his new drill. He got cranberry sauce on his shirt at lunch so we took it off to stain treat and he didn't want to put another one on, so we just went without. Why not, right??? :)
The girls' new tea set with the felt food I made for them...it was a hit! I wrapped each type of food individually and when Addy opened one of them up, she clutches it to her chests and says passionately "I love it!". Grandma asked her what it was and she looks at it and says, "I don't know...I just love it!" So sweet!

Around 5 pm, my parents came over to open presents, have leftovers, and watch the Blazer game. We had a fun, relaxing time with them, too.
Opening some Cars movie legos from GaGa and Boppa with help from Bobo. He got two building sets and a Mac truck and trailor. He has had tons of fun building and rebuilding them.
Some stacking toys that make good noise!

Decorating a birthday cake for Jesus. GaGa baked and frosted the cake and brought sprinkles to decorate with. I think more ended up on the table and floor than on the cake, but Malachi sure had a good time.
Putting candles on, too. An entire box of birthday candles ended up on the cake, and all but four were in the same place...so cute!
What a pretty cake for Jesus! :)

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