Sunday, August 1, 2010

7.22.10--In memory of Natalie

I know that tattoos aren't everyone's thing, but I have been wanting to have this done ever since she passed away. I have necklaces of purple butterflies and ones with her name on it, but I feel bad when I don't wear one and would feel like I lost part of her if I lost them. But with this tattoo, I feel like she is **sort of** with me all the time. Anyways, so I finally got the guts to do it and went with Samuel and my friend from work to get it done. It hurt sooooo bad!! Oh my goodness! There are so many nerves on the top and side of your foot and leg kept jerking involuntarily and at one point even jumped up of the table! She help my foot down really well after that! :) But I am so glad I did it! I just love it! Love you, Sissy Natalie!

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