Sunday, August 1, 2010

7.25.10--Trains, trains, Trains!!!

Last Sunday, my parents took us to Shady Dell Pacific Molalla Train Park. This is a little boy's paradise!! There are several small scale trains that each pull several "box cars" that you can ride. There is not a set admission fee...only donation boxes, so it didn't break the bank to have to drive there and then pay for a hefty admission. My parents took my brother and I there when we were kids, so it was really neat that it was still open and we could now take our kids, too! There was a picnic area when you first enter the property with shade trees and picnic benches, so we had a nice lunch before we got in line to ride...this turned out to be a bad mistake since the trains run right around the picnic area, so Malachi refused to eat lunch and just wanted to ride (mental note for next before we get there!). There were several groups having little boy birthday parties when we were there...what a great idea! I will have to keep that in mind for next year! :) I kept asking Sapphira if she wanted to ride those trains and she said that she did, but when we got on the train, she flipped out and ended up staying with the stroller with GaGa. Every time we rode by, she noticed us and fussed for Daddy or Mommy to hold her...poor girl was tired and hot! :( After two turns on the train, my mom, Sapphira and I headed back to the picnic area and found some shade and grass to play in while the boys took one more ride on the trains.
Watching the trains go by while trying to eat.

Waiting in line with Boppa...trying so hard to be patient!
Sapphira and Daddy...still a happy girl!

Mommy and Sapphira...I just love this girl!

All of us (minus GaGa) getting ready for our first ride...about two seconds later, Sapphira flipped out and I had to quickly get off and give her to my Mom...poor girl!

Waving to Daddy and Sapphira. My parents bought Malachi a necklace that had a train shaped bubble blower/whistle on it. It took him a little while to figure out how to blow it, but once he did every time he'd ride by anyone he knew, he blew and blew and blew!!!

So much happier in the shade. A nice lady also gave her one of their extra ice cream bars...she perked up when she saw that! :)
This girl loves to pick little flowers in the grass...there were lots here so she kept herself occupied for quite a while!
GaGa helping Sister find flowers to pick.

Boppa and GaGa also bought him a train hat to wear...he was quite the little train guy!

Last ride of the day! He was trying to wave and blow at the same time and it just ended up being a fist in the air...whatever works I guess! :)

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