Monday, November 1, 2010

10.31.10--Pumpkin for Natalie

At the end of September as we drove by a pumpkin stand being set up, I told Malachi that pumpkin time was getting close. "What's that, Momma?" "That's when we get to go play at the pumpkin patch and pick out pumpkins for Malachi, Sapphira, and Natalie." He was quiet for a minute as he thought "Momma, we need to get a balloon and put Natalie's pumpkin in it and send it to Heaven so she can have it with Jesus and Duke." Isn't that the sweetest thing you ever heard?!? We have sent balloons to Heaven on Natalie's last two birthdays, so I know that's where he got the idea for a balloon, but putting the pumpkin "in it" was all on his own! What a sweetheart! I suggested to him that he draw a picture of her pumpkin and we get one of the pumpkin balloons we saw at the grocery store and tie the picture to the string and send it to Heaven that way. He liked the idea, so right before we left for trick or treating, he drew a picture for Natalie and we found a field to send it off.

If you click to enlarge the photo, under the heart and the M of his name, the green scribbles that are Natalie's pumpkin, and the orange scribbles to the left of Halloween are Malachi and Sapphira's pumpkins. :)

Tied up and ready to go!
He was so excited when he saw this at the store! Perfect!
Getting ready!
Can I send it to her yet?
Off it goes!

He said I needed to pray before we let it go, so I thanked Jesus for the fun of dressing up, going to parties, and spending time with the people we love on Halloween. I also thanked Jesus for Natalie being safe and happy with Him in Heaven and asked Him to make sure that Natalie got her balloon and her special drawing. I cried while I prayed because of how terribly it hurt at that moment to have my son "communicate" with his big sister by balloon and that I didn't have three little ones running around in costume. It kills me that we don't get to see her grow up and that her siblings will never get to know her. Oh how my heart aches to see her again...Thank you Lord for your promise of Heaven and being able to reunite with my daughter!
Oh and FYI...apparently, one sheet of computer paper is too heavy for a mylar balloon to carry! Who knew? I ended up having to take the drawing off for the balloon to fly...trying to decide what to do with that now. So we learned our lesson...make sure to have at least a couple latex balloons in the mix when we do this next time.


Alyssa and Ron said...

You are such a creative, fun and wonderful mother.(family) I love that Natalie is alive in your hearts and family yet you let your feelings and longings be real and that you talk about it. You are a strong woman of God. Love you sister in Christ.

Mike and Mindy Roth said...

What a sweet, sweet story. It brought tears to my eyes. I cannot even imagine the sorrow you feel having lost Natalie. But what a joy to know that Natalie will have such a a special part in Malachi and Sapphira learning about who she is with. The Lord is already using Natalie's precious life in awesome ways.

Jessica said...

Wow I never would have thought one piece of paper would be too heavy. I'm so sorry that your children have to communicate with their sister that way too. I was telling my husband I am looking forward to getting my beautiful butterfly baby necklace I ordered...but I would give it back to have my babies alive in my arms... (((hugs))) <3

Char said...

((Hugs)) to you friend. And even though Malachi and Sapphira will not meet Natalie on this earth, she will be there and the three of them will get to spend forever in Heaven together.

emily said...

oh friend, what a sweet story...