Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010!

We had so much fun this year! In past years, we have taken the kids to my parent's house and my grandparent's house to "trick or treat" and play. This year, we were planning to do the same, but my grandparents told us about the "trunk or treat" they were doing. We thought we'd try it out, and I'm so glad we did! After visiting my parent's house, we all headed over and got to trick or treat over 10 different people in one little parking lot, they got tons of candy (and even some card games!), and it was all in a safe and comfortable environment! Does anyone else feel a little strange about asking strangers for candy? :/ Malachi was so funny because, for the first time, we acted shy about talking to people and we had to remind him to go up to the car and say trick or treat! Sapphira was hilarious! We couldn't get her to say "trick or treat" but she was happy to take candy from anyone and said "da do!" (thank you!) to almost everyone when reminded. She was carrying a little purse with two handles and each time she got a piece of candy, she wanted to put it into her purse, but those handles were giving her problems! They kept getting tangled up, and with her 18 month old dexterity, she was getting very frustrated. A few times she just plopped herself down on the ground in front of the car to try to get the candy in...never mind the large group of children behind us trying to get past her! Such a big girl...wants to do every thing like the big kids and all by herself. hehehe Just love her so much! After trunk or treating, we ate dinner together and then headed over to GG's house for treats and some play time. It was such a fun evening...won't forget this one for a long time! :)
Here are some pictures I took at our house before we left. (Although I brought our camera while we were out, either my hands were too full or I simply forgot to take any pictures! oy)

Snow White

This was the best I could get...oy :)

Buzz!! Asked him if he could see my eye, hoping to get him to look at the camera and laugh...this is what I get instead. Silly boy! Man, I love this kid! This year's pumpkins. I let Malachi pick out Natalie's and he decided on this green one for her. The medium sized one is the Sapphira picked, and Malachi's in the largest. We ended up with little ones this year...last year, Malachi picked ones that weighed more than he or Sapphira did! :)

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