Saturday, December 4, 2010

Bob and Larry

We have been on a VeggieTales kick for the last several months, so I decided to make Malachi his very own Bob and Larry for Christmas. I loved the way they turned out, so I just couldn't wait to post them!
I used this tutorial to make the ball shape for Bob, and then found simple pictures of both characters. I zoomed in on my computer screen until the image was the same size as the project I was sewing and traced the faces right off the screen. I used the tracings to cut my shapes out of felt and hand sewed the faces to the stuffed shapes. He was in the other room when I was sewing Larry and noticed him once he was finished. I let him play with it for a few minutes and he loved it. Can't wait for him to be able to open them on Christmas morning! :)

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EmilyRSPS said...

Wow! Excellent job on Bob and Larry! I hope your kiddos enjoy them!

Katie said...

I love your Bob and Larry! They turned out great. My kids love Veggie Tales. :)