Wednesday, November 23, 2011

10.15.11--Punkin' Pickin'

Wow...I guess I didn't really realize I was so far behind!  eeeeek

Every year I look forward to picking pumpkins.  We take the kids to the same patch my brother and I went to as kids and try to get both sets of grandparents and our nieces to come with.  We always have so much fun.  The kids love to run and explore and I love watching them have fun just being kids.  I also enjoy the fact that this activity is the first of the yearly traditions and begins to ramp up the excitement the end of the year brings.  Anyways...back to pumpkins.

This year, only my parents (GaGa and Boppa) could join us so the six of us piled into their car and headed out.  The weather wasn't sunny, but was warm enough for only light jackets and was only a bit muddy.
She found this pumpkin first thing and never put it down!
We brought home 6 pumpkins...two each for Natalie, Malachi and for inside and one for outside.
Picking flowers with GaGa.
Running and running and running...such a boy!
I know this picture is insanely blurry, but his smile makes me so happy!

Sapphira loves seeing "wheels" beside the road.  She wasn't sure what to think when she actually saw one up close.
So proud of the gourd she found!
Look at the death grip on those things...
I have no idea was he was doing...

My kids love the corn maze!
I asked him to smile...this is what I got...oy.

She makes me smile!
Our yearly family picture at the pumpkin patch.  We are all actually smiling this year! :)

Malachi couldn't stand it when the pumpkins were in the "aisle".  Most of the he could pick up, but this one required a bit more effort...

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