Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sweet Azra

Right after the devasting earthquake in Turkey in October, I was reading an article (this wasn't the exact one, but it was similar) about a 2 week old baby girl, her momma and grandmother being rescued from their apartment building nearly 48 hours after it collapsed. The little girl's name is Azra.  The author goes on to state that the name Azra means pure or untouched in arabic.  I had been feeling bad that the baby we lost in August didn't have a name, but we hadn't found a name that we thought fit or that we liked.  I know that it was God who prompted me to click on that article, because I have been avoiding things that had to do with babies lately.  I had a feeling that I might have been carrying another girl, so this name just fit.  Once I saw it, I told Samuel about it and he said, "yah...that's good." and it was done. 

Sweet little Azra...pure and untouched and snuggling with Jesus.  Hope you are having fun with your brother and sister, running and playing...well, perfect and whole.  We love you so much.

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