Saturday, January 14, 2012

Aggy's Bee-day!

Cousin Addy's birthday was in the middle of January, and our kids were incredibly excited for it starting the moment they got their invitations in the mail for her January 13th party.  Every morning, Sapphira would ask "Aggy's Bee-day?"  You would have thought the day I was able to say "yes" to her question was the best day of her life.  Clapping and dancing ensued! :)  All the way to the party she sang "Aggy Bee-day to you!".  Addy was able to invite a few friends to her party for the first time and the girls had so much fun dressing up like princesses and running around the house while super hero Malachi saved them from various bad things.  So cute!
Since Addy was given her own American Girl style doll for Christmas, I made her three outfits for her new dolly.  A dear friend let me borrow one of her daughter's American Girl dolls so I could test the fit of the items I sewed...thank you so much B! (A quick side note: B found this doll at a garage sale for $4 complete with purple ink in the hair, chopped locks and drawing on the limbs.  Who lets their kids do that to their toys, let alone a $100 doll?!?  oy  Turned out good for B, though! :D)

Outfit one: purple lacy t-shirt with coordinating wrap skirt and flower head band.
Shirt pattern here.  My machine would scream at me each time I tried to sew on the sleeves, so I left them off and added lace on the arm holes and neckline.

The back was split and had hook and loop easy for little fingers!
Headband tutorial here.  This would be so easy and fun to make matching ones for the dolly and girl!
Wrap skirt pattern here.  

This could easily be made into a reversable skirt, but I didn't have enough coordinating fabric.
Outfit two: Blue patterned dress with white ric rack accents. Dress pattern here.

I just love all these fun details.  This dress was sewn with a zipper down the back.  It took a few times to get it just right using the methods she recommends, but I thought it looked nice and made the dress lay neatly on the doll. 

I also made this dress with pink gingham and while ties.  I totally forgot to give it to her at her party and gave back B's doll before I remembered to take pictures.  I thought it was super cute and the pattern was easy to follow with good results.  We rounded out the gift with some white flats I got from Joann's (who would have thought they'd have dolls and doll clothing?)  I was able to use a 50% coupon and get the shoes for less than $3!  :)

Addy seemed quite pleased with her gift and I have seen both Addy and Bella's dolls wearing the creations. It makes me feel good to make someone happy! :)

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