Sunday, January 22, 2012

How to make Sapphira Happy in 5 Minutes Flat!

A while ago, I was given a stack of blue and yellow place mats.  At our first home they would have fit in, but the way we have our home currently decorated, they don't match.  I used one or two to make some of these aprons, but still had several laying around.  The kids had gotten a hold of two of them and one day while looking at them laying haphazardly on my living room floor, an idea came to me...a dolly sleeping bag.  My mom made me one for my Barbies (which I still have by the way!) complete with a zipper, but I didn't feel like getting that involved in this project.  I asked Sapphira which side of the place mat she preferred and got to work.  I guess this turned into a mini tutorial! 

Sewing Machine
Coordinating thread
Two placemats

I measured how far from the top I wanted to start/stop sewing and marked that with double pins.  I find that if I don't make it completely and totally obvious for myself, I will sometimes air-headly sew all the way around and have to pull out my stitches...oy 

 I added a second seam for stability.

 Add "Cake" and your finished!  I was going to try to get a picture of Sapphira in action with it, but once I showed her how it worked, she ran off into her room to give Cake a nap...there was no stopping her!  She was so excited that night that Cake had her own bed and laid her down next to her pillow and gave her a kiss "nigh-nigh".  So cute!

So that is how to make Sapphira happy in 5 minutes flat! :)

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Melissa @ Honeybee Vintage said...

This is SO cute!!! Shayne loves Strawberry "Dortcake" too (as she calls it) and would love a bed for her dolls!